Meditation is a progressive quieting of the mind until
you get to the source of the mind, which is pure consciousness. 

You are not your mind or your thoughts.
You are the consciousness in which the thoughts come and go.
— Deepak Chopra

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is an exercise in concentration that we do for the mind, and it’s trending in a big way! We can find it hash-tagged all over the place (#meditatedaily) with best-sellers and celebs promoting its place in North America’s wellness culture, and current research papers validating some of the hype.

But, meditation is really nothing new. Millennia old spiritual traditions understood meditation as a tool for rediscovering the inner intelligence of the body-mind system. Practiced for thousands of years and through various techniques, meditation invites us to get still and reacquaint ourselves with deeper aspects of our being. We do this through teaching the mind to focus; for example, on a sensory experience, the breath, a word, or a mantra. This practice is not about forcing the mind to be quiet, but rather finding our way back to the silence that is already there – and making this an enduring part of our life.

There are many ways to meditate. And each technique, science is discovering, carries its own benefits when practiced with regularity. Meditation can help us to:

  • Manage stress and reduce anxiety

  • Strengthen immune function

  • Reverse aging at the cellular level

  • Stimulate the body’s self-repair mechanisms and self-regulation

  • Improve relationships and soften constrictive, judgmental patterns

  • Create inner peace and awaken intuition

  • Decrease addictive behaviour

  • Enhance sleep patterns

  • Connect with higher states of consciousness

Meditation is a game-changer. What happens when we begin to benefit from this form of self-care? We transform - we feel more able to meaningfully show up for life and others in newly inspired ways.

Are you ready to get started? Begin where you are.


— Watch Video below To Learn More About The Scientific Power of Meditation —