H'OM for the Holidays: Day 3, Guided Meditation (Facebook LIVE)

H'OM for the Holidays: Day 3, Guided Meditation (Facebook LIVE)

The Gift of Grief. The holiday times can be hard for those of us who have experienced loss throughout the year, or in past years. During these times of celebration we might acutely miss those people with whom we would love to be sharing and making new memories. 
Memories. The stories. They abound, carrying so much with them.
This grief thing - it's rich. So very rich. This is a theme I'm journeying and learning through and I am grateful for this opportunity to share with you. Let's meditate on it together.

H'OM for the Holidays: Day 2, Guided Meditation (Facebook LIVE)

H'OM for the Holidays: Day 2, Guided Meditation (Facebook LIVE)

The gift of peace is so much about allowing - allowing all aspects of whatever it is that we are carrying within us. The resistance, the tension, the walls we have erected are there for a reason. Today we meditate with the intention of allowing and honouring whatever we come up against and we practice breathing with awareness in its presence.

Seatbelt Awareness

Where is your mind when you're driving? How's your body feeling buckled in? If you ever find yourself traveling from A to B and missing out on all the space in between maybe it's time to give the green light to some mindful moments behind the wheel.

This Sh*t is Holy

Keeping it real. Because we are on this journey together and it doesn't all smell like roses. But it's all holy. All of it. Join me in this mindfulness practice to show up for what is showing up for us!

Pushups and Meditation

I have been inspired by the #22PushupChallenge. This daily challenge has me thinking about what I can offer, beyond pushups, to those living with PTSD, depression, and/or anxiety. Pushups are not necessarily something I do best, but leading others in meditation - that's my thing ;) And so I offer this gift.

Begin Where You Are

Begin where you are. Yep - right here, right now. Whatever perfect moment you have been waiting for to get your game started, why not let that moment be now? And, while you're at it, CHECK OUT THIS GUIDED MEDITATION: Learning to Listen. https://soundcloud.com/beingmima/learning-to-listen. The first of many I look forward to sharing with you.