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The Desire Map is Here ~ Journeying Newsletter Announcement

Have you heard? Desire Map Sessions are about to begin in Kelowna! 
I am beyond excited to be opening the doors to my new home studio (inner celebration happening daily!) and feel that the best way to kick this off and welcome you is with... 

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Begin where you are ~ Journeying Newsletter Vlog Launch!

I have been intending it for some time and am very excited to announce that I have launched a video log! Please join me on my journey and explore with me the questions that come up in my life, themes familiar to all of us. Enjoy the guided meditations, share with your tribe and create with me a community of seekers in this space.

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The Green Effect ~ Journeying Newsletter Spring 2016

The snow is melting! Along with it I feel myself beginning to shed some of winter's influences on my body and mind - in particular that inclination to be cozy and nourish myself with comfort stews, dark chocolate, extra rest, and long baths.  It's been a good run this season, but spring is springing and I'm feeling the pull towards the green!

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Good Love ~ Journeying Newsletter February 2016

I am learning to give myself good love.

Give... Receive... Really these are the same things; there cannot be one without the other. Giving and receiving are "different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe," the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success teaches; "every relationship is one of give and take. Giving engenders receiving and receiving engenders giving,"

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