Miriam Desjardins is a student of mindfulness and meditation, practicing the art of living one conscious choice at a time. She is a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator, and a Chopra Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher and Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Instructor, registered as a RYT200 Yoga Alliance Teacher. As a student of the Seven Spiritual Laws she has been immersed in the knowledge and wisdom teachings of higher states of consciousness; and, has learned the foundations of Ayurveda and mind-body healing.

Coming from a background of graduate work in International Conflict Management, Miriam is passionate about bringing peace to the global community by promoting a shift in consciousness; a shift that she believes can begin on the mat or meditation cushion and must begin at the level of the individual, the world’s true power brokers. 

Miriam commits to teaching what she lives. As a mom she practices being awake to the choices available to her in each moment and hopes to impart to her children that each person is a change-maker: every choice one makes does change the future. And through conscious choice-making today we may powerfully influence our tomorrow.


gracious words

When I first met Miriam, I was a mess. Miriam helped me realize how important mental health really is. I wholeheartedly believe in the spiritual world when you die but never even thought to apply that same spiritual belief to my present being. I know I have only just scratched the surface but intend on using the tools from Miriam to further my growth and spiritual development. She has shown me that there is so much happiness, peacefulness and guidance when you connect.
— Brenda D., British Columbia
The Journey to Vitality was like a gentle, powerful, coaxing song that has lifted my life to a whole new place. The Guiding light ~ Miriam, the journeymen & women who made life feel real through sharing and support... This journey is continued with my heart leading the way, not without struggle, but with the power of nourishing myself through meditation, affirmations and being in nature. Thanks for shining your light and sharing your gift Miriam, I am awake and grateful for your contribution to my journey.
— Tera D., British Columbia
The Journey [to Vitality] was amazing - left me feeling lighter, more grounded, and peaceful. Miriam guided me with kindness and sensitive insight. The daily lessons and meditations were well-planned to gently guide me to deeper awareness and ‘aha moments’...loved those. Thank you with much gratitude and love.
— Debbie O., RPN