Hello and welcome! However it is that you have found your way here, thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to get to know me. Let me start by keeping it real and sharing with you a bit of the story behind where you find me today (or, if you don’t have time to linger, I’m feeling you - instead scroll down to my mini-bio below or follow me on social media @beingmima)…

When I was in my mid-20’s I learned to meditate. As a young Gen X’er I had identified myself as somewhat of a ‘seeker’. I was on a mission: to find peace. So it is no random coincidence that around this time in my life I also made a decision to explore graduate work in the politics of peace. Peace, I had begun to feel, was my purpose (and, what seeker doesn’t love a powerful purpose? ;))

This was a significant juncture in my life – I was making choices that set me on a trajectory toward where I sit now, mentoring people through a personal peace process. I’m talking about peace at every level of our being: peace for the body, peace for the mind, and peace at the level of spirit. It has been a couple of decades now and this I know to be true: meditation has changed my life. Through my practice I have come to believe that we, each and every one of us, are the world’s power brokers for peace. I know, it can often feel otherwise but we are not at the mercy of power politics or whatever drama is playing on the big screen of our experience. Wherever we sit in the respective hierarchies of our lives, we get to decide how we show up - we have a choice. And, here is the really cool thing about that: every choice we make changes the future, in small ways and some not so small.

Peace, I believe, is a lifestyle choice. When we get clear on what we want, then we can start looking with discernment at our choices.  Are we making choices for peace or choices for conflict? If taking ownership of this has you squirming a bit, you are not alone. It takes some playing with vulnerability and discomfort to step out onto the leading edge of our potential. Meditation has been like this lifeline that supports me in this, making that edge more exciting than scary.

I love the opportunity to share this personal peace-process. And, I get that we all have different access points. For some, meditation is best approached as an exercise of the mind that helps to shift and regulate our physiology. I appreciate this more than ever now, the physical and mental benefits of meditation. But, no big secret, this is not what first drew me to meditation. I was seeking healing of a different kind - healing of my soul. The physical benefits, to me, are simply the cherry on top of this divine sundae.

At the end of the day, I feel most at home with who I am when I am honouring all aspects of my being: nourishing, strengthening and honouring my body; stilling and inspiring my mind; and, connecting and communing with the energy of spirit that I recognize as the Source of it all (yes, uppercase ‘S’ kind of Source). These are the components of wellbeing that empower all of us to live this life intentionally and fully – whatever that looks and feels like for each of us.

Is it now or never? Possibly! So, let’s get to this. None of us need be alone on this journey. I’d love for us to connect.

In peace and with deep gratitude,


Miriam (Mima) Desjardins began her foray into the wellness world in her university days, joining the group-fitness phenomenon as a step-aerobics instructor (shout-out to the early 90s!). Since then she has worked with a number of teachers, exploring all manner of classes, fads, and personal training styles on the journey to her own wellbeing.

In 2003 she reengaged her meditation practice in earnest and rolled out a yoga mat for the first time, beginning to feel that she was ‘returning home to who she really was.’ Over time her understanding of personal wellbeing and healing has evolved to include honouring all aspects of who she understands herself to be: one part body + one part mind + a whole lotta Spirit = one helluva cocktail.

As a mother of two and partner to one, Miriam has committed to showing up for her family in a way that feels authentic to her: present and intentional about how she is affecting the energy in their shared space. Sometimes she gets this bang-on and other times not so much. She is a continuing work in progress; and, to this point, Miriam decided in 2011 to shift her career trajectory and begin her immersion at Chopra University in San Diego, California, where she became certified to teach meditation as well as yoga. To deepen her understanding and experience of the mind-body connection she more recently became a personal fitness trainer. Embracing the concept of mastery through one-on-one personal training, Miriam encourages students to simply honour and begin where they are on their journey to lasting peace, empowerment and gratitude.