A Vibe Called Peace

These images - I love them. A picture-perfect metaphor for life: ‘seeking peace in the midst of the chaos.’

Peace, I believe, is a lifestyle choice.

We choose to come to the practice, to sit, to reconnect with that stillness that is deep within regardless of the flurries surrounding us.  

There are moments when accessing this connection happens with ease. We move through life with a kind of lightness of being, broadcasting the best version of ourselves. But, then there are the other moments that, despite our best efforts, land on us like a snowball to the head. And, this – well, this is when things start to get interesting…

When we are knocked down, how do we show up? How have we conditioned ourselves to respond?

Peace is an intentional way of being in this world. When we choose peace, when we return to the practices and rituals over and over again, we become conscious creators of our reality. We become, in a very real way, wired for peace. Honing our powers of concentration on the power of peace (synonymous, for me, with the essence of God or Source Energy), the lens through which we perceive ourselves in this world of play begins to shift. We may know ourselves in a new, divine way.

And this, ultimately, is the reason I meditate.

Will you join me in choosing peace? Read on, and let’s connect.

In peace and with gratitude,


Mindfulness & Meditation Mentoring


Learn meditation for the first time, or deepen your meditation practice and experience of everyday mindfulness. Meet privately with Miriam to explore the basic science and philosophy behind meditation and mindfulness. Practice different meditation techniques and learn tools to bring more mindfulness to your daily life without a huge lifestyle overhaul. Receive mentoring in alignment with your personal journey that allows you to establish a practice and daily rituals that enliven your life at all levels of your being.  As you reacquaint yourself with your inner wisdom, experience the deep peace, the profound creativity and the flow of love available to you.

If you find yourself drawn to mantra meditation, spend additional time with Miriam immersing yourself in the practice of Primordial Sound Meditation. This technique, originating in the ancient wisdom of India, honours the essential sounds of nature. Discover your own personal mantra, the vibration the Universe was making at the moment of your birth.

Decide Your Vibe - Signature Series



A new lifestyle series to prompt your soul and assist you on your path to empowerment and wellbeing.

This program can be completed in person with Miriam or as part of an online mentoring series. Stay tuned for more details and prepare to decide your vibe Winter 2020.



An Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation


This immersion takes place over 4 sessions, 60-75 minutes each. Meet privately with Miriam once a week for four weeks.

Includes weekly email support as you create space, with ease, for new practices. These sessions can be experienced solo, or semi-privately with one other at no additional cost.


Private, for up to two people:            $220

Primordial Sound Meditation


After completing an Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation continue your exploration of the ancient practice of mantra meditation over two additional longer sessions.

Receive your personal Primordial Sound Meditation mantra with the opportunity to explore the teachings around Higher States of Consciousness. You may opt to attend these sessions privately or with others who have completed the Introduction Series.


Per Individual:                                    $195

Hosted at Miriam’s in Kelowna, British Columbia. 

Schedule your Vibe Series, Introduction, or Primordial Sound Meditation.