Guided, Group Meditation


Join Miriam for guided, group meditation and experience the benefits of meditating in community with others.

As we seek out a deeper connection to our inner wisdom we become increasingly conscious of our relationship with our extended environment: people, plants, animals – every living and sentient being on Earth. Making more conscious choices for ourselves we enliven within a connection to everything and everyone. In this spirit and with an attitude of gratitude our journeys inward empower both ourselves and others.

To honour this interconnectedness, 100% of your investment in group meditation is micro-loaned and subsequently donated to Kiva, a social enterprise that helps to create and finance business opportunities for individuals around the globe.


Group Meditation


Hosted once a week, each meditation incorporates gratitude and may also include metta (loving-kindness), mindfulness, mantra and yoga nidra.

Invest once and attend up to five meditations within two months of your purchase. Meditation dates and times change weekly.


Per Person:   $40

Hosted at Miriam’s in Kelowna, British Columbia.