A Vibe Called Gratitude

Seeking out a deeper connection to my inner wisdom I find myself increasingly aware of my relationship with my extended environment: people, plants, animals. Spoiler Alert >> This happens when we make more conscious choices for ourselves - we enliven within a connection to everything and everyone.

To honour this interconnectedness, and with an attitude of gratitude, 100% of your investment in group mindfulness and meditation is micro-loaned and subsequently donated to Kiva, a social enterprise that helps to create and finance business opportunities for individuals around the globe.

I like to think of this as fringe benefits at their best, our journeys inward empowering both ourselves and others. And for this I am deeply grateful. Are you with me?

Join me weekly, or monthly, or whenever you can!

In peace and with gratitude,


Guided, Group Mindfulness & Meditation


Join Miriam (and her dog, Bacon) for guided, group mindfulness hikes. Enjoy exploring trails in the Okanagan with your canine.

Or, meet up for guided, group meditation and experience the benefits of meditating in community with others.

Mindfulness Hikes

These group hikes are pet friendly, for friendly pets, and an opportunity to fuel up on nature, immersing ourselves through our senses using guided mindfulness exercises.

Register through ‘eventbrite’.


Per Person : $5 minimum donation requested.


Group Meditation


Hosted once a week, each meditation incorporates a gratitude practice and mantra or breath awareness. May also include metta (loving-kindness), mindful-sensing exercise, or - if explicitly noted - yoga nidra.

Donate once and attend up to four meditations within two months of your purchase. Meditation dates and times change weekly. Register through ‘eventbrite’.


Per Person:   $20 minimum donation requested.

Group Meditation may be hosted indoor or outdoor (weather permitting) at Miriam’s in Kelowna, British Columbia.