A Vibe Called Empowerment

Let’s get personal.

What empowers you?

What ignites your confidence and lights you up?

From where do you source your means to show up and live out, with authenticity, who you have become, this latest version of you?

The answers to these questions have not always felt clear to me. For a long time I felt disconnected from my own wellbeing and experience of personal power. My self-image was shaky, I struggled with insecurity, and I misunderstood the meaning of ‘healthy,’ let alone what it means to be whole.

Has this ever felt true for you, too? 

Today I can say that I know from experience that what powers me to live feeling connected to who I really am is the act of honouring all aspects of myself – the physical, the mental, and the spiritual.

I believe this is true for each one of us.

We are all multi-dimensional, multi-faceted beings. Living with this awareness, our evaluation and experience of life shifts radically.

Are you ready for this? Physical fitness + mental fitness + spiritual fitness. This is personal training with SOUL!  

Explore more below, and let’s connect.

In peace and with gratitude,


Private, Personal Training with Soul


Sweat your body + stretch your mind + sit with your soul.

We become empowered when we honour all aspects of who we are. Each emPOWER·hour personal training session with Miriam includes:

30 minutes of indoor/outdoor fitness featuring cardio and resistance drills
20 minutes of yoga asana + cool-down
10 minutes of guided meditation and stillness 

Plus, leave with a complimentary smoothie in your own reusable Vibe Tumbler (a gift when you attend your first session!).

Lifestyle Series


A 6-session introduction to private, personal training. Meet twice a week for three weeks, or once a week for six weeks.  

Includes a detailed ‘emPOWERed Program’ designed for you to incorporate every day of the week: two days a week working with Miriam + five days of suggested activity and recovery to upgrade your lifestyle. Morning and evening rituals are customized to compliment and honour your personal vision for your wellbeing. Ideal for those who are looking to develop or maintain a consistent and empowered practice. Can be experienced solo, or semi-privately with one other.


Private, individual:               $520
Semi-private, two people:      $370 per person




After completing an introductory Lifestyle Series continue your private, personal training with Miriam.

Your ‘emPOWERed Program’ evolves with you and will continue to be designed and personalized to enhance your wellbeing and lifestyle. Maintain what is working for you while establishing and working towards new goals. Can be experienced solo, or semi-privately with one other.


Private, individual:                  $70 for one session
                                          $195 for three sessions
                                          $300 for five sessions

Semi-private, two people:      $45 per person for one session
                                          $120 per person for three sessions
                                          $175 per person for five sessions

Hosted indoor, outdoor, and poolside at Miriam’s in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Schedule your emPOWER-hour Lifestyle Series or Maintenance